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Introducing Oticon Siya – for the best sound quality ever in an essential category

A comprehensive family to meet more clients' needs

Now you can offer your patients superb sound quality, outstanding wireless connectivity, and a comprehensive choice of styles and accessories in an essential hearing aid. Oticon Siya is built on the ultra-fast Velox platform, powering advanced technologies such as 2.4GHz Bluetooth® low energy connectivity, high resolution sound processing and super-fast multiband adaptive directionality.

The Siya portfolio is offered with two technology levels, Siya 1
and Siya 2

The complete portfolio includes IIC custom styles through fully featured RITEs and BTEs to help you manage mild to severe hearing losses.

Featuring RITEs and BTEs using standard Oticon accessories and Genie 2 making it easy to integrate Siya into your practice:



• miniRITE – small discreet design with a single push-button. Also available with rechargeable option

• miniRITE-T – equipped with T-coil to receive audio from public tele-loop systems

• New BTE – suitable for moderate-to-severe hearing loss

• BTE PP – a Plus Power instrument for severe hearing losses

As well as a full range of custom models and styles: